Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I got an email from thebump.com and my curiosity took me to a link with a Chinese gender calendar. Based on my age and month of conception, this chart says we are having a girl. It claims to be 90% accurate. I'm not buying it.

The most common old wives tale I hear from patients about knowing the gender of the baby is related to the heartbeat. Girls supposedly have a higher heartbeat than boys.

Here are some other old wives' tales:
  • Carrying low = boy; Carrying high = girl
  • Craving sweets = girl; Craving salty = boy
  • Pee in a cup and add 1 Tbsp of Drano...if it's green = girl; blue = boy  
  • Mayan method - age at conception (29) and year of conception (10)...both even or odd = girl; one even and one odd = boy (so, this tells us we're having a boy)
Anyone else know of any old wives' tales? It is so much fun to guess! :)


  1. I'm completely pulling this out of my butt, but I feel like I'm picking up a boy vibe!

  2. I heard that Penis = boy and Vagina = girl.