Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Looking pregnant - 24.6 weeks

I think I'm finally starting to look pregnant and passing the stage of questioning whether or not the bulge of my belly is a baby or too much Mexican food. Three people today asked me if I was pregnant and I'm hoping they are the type who wouldn't ask unless they were pretty confident that I would say yes. My fundus (the top of my uterus) is just above my belly button. Speaking of my belly has completely popped out! The baby is moving every day, especially after I eat. I have Braxton-Hicks contractions almost every day too. I can't believe that we could meet this little person in as little as 12 weeks! I'm expecting it'll be longer than that, though.

As for an update on other things going on in our lives...I only have four more weeks in my final clinical practicum. I have attended four births this semester, so I will be spending more time on labor & delivery to try to catch more babies! I have caught a total of 35 babies since June, but I want as much experience as possible at the end of my program since I won't begin working as a midwife for a while after the baby is born. Gabe is busy as usual with work and coaching soccer. He will be taking a trip over Halloween weekend to visit his college friends. I know he is looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up!   

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