Friday, October 22, 2010

Guys Eye

Well I know it has been some time since I have been on here. I am going to make an honest effort to post more regularly. I want to express things from my viewpoint so I really will try. Warning, some of the things I write may be offensive, inconsiderate, disagreeable, or dumb. Remember these are my opinions and you are entitled to yours as well. If Alvin Greene can run for South Carolina Senate, I can talk about baby issues.

First, I want you all to know that Emilie is an absolute champ. If it wasn't for the visual evidence in her belly, I wouldn't know she was pregnant. I have heard stories of how she would get cranky, and crave weird things at 2 a.m., and eat icing straight from the jar. Nope! She has carried on like normal and even takes care of me more because I am short on free time. She is amazing! I know we have 3 months left, but given her track record thus far it should be no problem (it is difficult to type while crossing your fingers that you didn't speak too soon).

One of the things Emilie has done is given me one of her school textbooks so I can read up on care of the baby immediately following birth. I like it because it sites references and is evidence based. The first chapter is on breast-feeding. Not that we are trying to decide-we are definitely breast-feeding. But I wanted to see what the benefits were and actually know why, rather than just do things because Emilie says they are right. Essentially, what I get is that if you breast-feed you protect your baby against illness, increase bonding between mother and infant, enhance cognitive development, and it is freaking FREE! Why would anyone in their right mind not breastfeed. I say in their right mind because it seems like the only dangers of breastfeeding occur when you are on crack (illicit drugs), or you have HIV, TB, etc. I guess some babies could have allergies and some mothers could potentially be physically unable to do it. But otherwise, you should totally do it. What I am shocked about is that the baby would eat 8-12 times a day during the first few weeks. I wonder how many times a day Jacob eats.

By nature i am curious and I have tons of questions. Like any other guy, I have ideas that my baby is going to be a "golden child". I want the best for the baby and I wonder how to achieve that through the mother's diet while breast-feeding. For example, if Emilie eats a diet only of super foods, will our baby also love highly nutritious fruits and vegetables? How about if she eats an abundance of cakes and Twinkies? Will that doom our baby to becoming Chunk ("Hey you guys!")? Well, we wont take our chances of that. Should I put her on a diet for a performance athlete or Paleo diet hoping we will soon have the youngest CrossFit champion?

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  1. Terry gave Brian an article about pregnant women's fitness/physical activity and how it affects the child's fitness/activity level. It was quite interesting. You should check it out.

    I was telling Brian the other day how much I love breast feeding. Brian also likes the benefit of seeing my boobs more often.

    As far as Jacob's eating habits the nurses did comment on how much he nursed his first couple of days but now he can go longer between feedings since he has so much stored fat.