Friday, October 29, 2010

Private Parts

OK, this post is totally inspired by a recent conversation with a co-worker and I thought it might be funny to get a little feedback. I guess we will find out how many (or few) people read this and/or care.

We were talking about kids naming body parts and I couldn't help but think of so many of the funny things you tell kids to help them along the way. For example, I remember the answer to where does the pee-pee go when you flush the toilet is "pee-pee go to China". Nice one Santa! Surely most of us remember the spin on the Oscar Mayer bologna song "my bologna has a first name its O-S-C-A-R..." I guess there are lots of foods that resemble the male anatomy because I have heard it referred to as macaroni, Lil smokies, polish sausage, pickles, and many more. I have only mentioned the male nicknames because, well, I was unaware of what to nickname a girls part until I was a teenager and the things we called it are absolutely inappropriate.

I know kids make up their own words for things too! Especially when they are the 'private parts'. Emilie and I have this great vision that we are going to be open with our child and not sugar coat anything. A penis will be a penis and a vagina will be a vagina. But really, how many two-year- olds can say vagina and wouldn't that be a little creepy. I feel like if they were to say that type of word that young, it would sound like those creepy e-trade commercials where the baby calls Lyndsay Lohan a 'milk-aholic'.

Anyhow, what I really want from you are examples of things you or your kids may have named body parts that are not 'appropriate' for kids to say. Please leave comments about the funny nicknames you have and make sure and tell the story of how they were created. Hey if they are funny or cute enough, we might just change our minds and let our baby nickname their parts too. Tell your friends to do it too. I want to get as many as possible.


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  2. I know it's not a body part story but when Evan saw me putting on a panty liner(hard to have privacy with a 2 year old) he pointed to it and said band aid.

    You had to know about girls parts before you were a teenager with all the girls in the house. Right now Evan calls his privates penis. I like that because you are less likely to hear that word in public. If he called it his Johnson there could be some confusion or laughter at inappropriate times especially if he ever has a teacher named Miss Johnson. As far as the girl parts I will make sure he doesn't learn about those until his twenties at the earliest.

    Love your posts!

  3. we always used the tagalog words for private parts.... no idea how that started!